Outlook picture not updating

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Outlook picture not updating

The perfect time to launch a new intranet at the customer.

Everything in place, pages polished, documents uploaded, profiles linked with AD and pictures of everyone added so they are visible in Outlook, Lync and … We added the profilesync and the picture location, but a lot of the profile images were not visible.

Pn P image upload solution uploads these as 200 x 200.

The source image coming from AD was/is low quality.

EXO user photos can be updated by users individually or if high res source photos are available this import can be scripted. not licenced) then they will be displayed using the AD photo A photo has not been imported to the user’s EXO mailbox and the AAD thumbnail Photo either doesn’t not contain an image or that image is greater than 10Kb.

Source images should be jpg of 648×648 (resizing and compression can also be scripted) High resolution photos from Exchange will be used as long as both Exchange and Sfb/Lync are of new enough versions (2013 or greater) and Sf B is configured to allow all photos (not just those from AD). Import of photos up to 500Kb to EXO mailbox can be scripted (the source images could be on a file share, or AAD).

When AD is updated, it is synchronised with AAD but that is as far as it gets as the “sync” from AAD to EXO is one-off import rather than a Sync.

Allow users to update their user photos but pre-populate their user photo if possible and before end users are provided any access to the system.Small is 48 x 48, Medium is 72 x 72, Large changes depending on the source image but is always square.I have seen as small as 120 x 120 and as large as 300 x 300.From the drop down list in "Tools" on top top there should be an entry defined as Trust Center. Upon perusing related threads after I posted (my first day here), this was more or less posted in the past: This may be a long shot, if you have Office 2007 and have your email associated with it, this might be worth a shot.Have you been updating your Outlook 2007 with the Service Packs? Open word click on the office button at the bottom, click the "Word Options" button in the Word Options window, select "Advanced" (Left side) on the Right side under "Show document content" make sure the Checkbox for "Show drawing and text boxes on is checked.

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I created the script in notepad, saved it as a PS1 file, and setup the scheduled task.