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Dating in the san francisco bay area

I'd told him I'm not into randomness; I want to be with someone I trust.You have to invest a little time if you want to sleep with me. We had cuddled on a prior date, but apparently he didn't expect that I was going to want to sleep with him the night I made dinner. When I asked him for as second date, he said he wanted to just be friends.The conversation was easy and free of red flags, so we exchanged numbers.On our second date, we had a long talk about our expectations from each other and safety and getting tested.I didn't want to be giving and giving and not getting even minimal emotional support back. The tech guys are the worst; I've pretty much stopped dating them.I'm queer, and open to basically any genital configuration. A lot of them present this image of "I'm an enlightened feminist guy, I just really believe women are empowered, and I'm totally into helping you and being an ally," but really what they want is a harem.If someone isn't invested in making sure they're keeping their partners safe, I don't want anything to do with them.As far as getting my sexual needs met, I have a few friends who I would never date in real life, but we have a sexual relationship.

He said he'd never had a woman bring those things up with him before, which is insane, especially because he's a few years older than me. I don't care how many other people's junk you've been in contact with, just how safe that contact was.That's not how this is supposed to work, especially since he pursued me relentlessly. He approached me and said I was cute—flattery will get you, well, somewhere, it appears.He had the charm turned up to 11 and totally let me win a game of pool.I may or may not have, but as soon as he said he had a time limit, it felt really crappy to be relegated to second string. It speaks to how crappy the dating situation is that I actually thanked him.You find the Peter Pan syndrome with guys here because the Bay Area is a paradise for little boys who don't want to grow up and become men.

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They don't want you to have needs and wants of your own.

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