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Two of the physicians of the Almoravide sovereigns, Meir ibn Kamniel and Solomon Abūab Muʿallim in Marrakesh, were of Spanish origin, one from Seville and the other from Saragossa. There were also scholars in Ceuta , the native town of Joseph ibn Aknin, the disciple of Maimonides.There was also an important center of learning in Sijilmassa (ancient capital of Tafilalet oasis).

The most brilliant period of the Jews of Morocco from the spiritual and intellectual point of view belongs to the reigns of the Idrisids and their successors.Wadi Oued Draa and the region of Oufran (Ifran of the Anti-Atlas) are said to have been the sites of important Jewish settlements before the destruction of the Second Temple.The earliest epigraphic evidence on the presence of Jews in Morocco, however, comes from the second century It consists essentially of inscriptions on tombstones found in the ruins of the Roman town of Volubilis, between Fez and Meknès , and another inscription discovered in Salé.Today, the Jewish population of Morocco stands at approximately 2,500 people., the Carthaginian gold market was situated in Morocco.

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According to later traditions, thousands of Spanish Jews had settled in Africa by 693.

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