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Some of this instruction can be done through modeling (remember kids with Down syndrome are great imitators), so you may have to evaluate if and how modesty is modeled in your home.You could encourage older family members to use a robe or towel to cover the body when moving through public areas of your home, teach your child how to close doors when toileting or bathing, or recommend family members change clothes in designated private areas (rather than the middle of the living room).Related to preparing your daughter for puberty, there are a couple of issues.First, the initiation of puberty is not dependent on social or emotional maturity or many of us wouldve never matured!Just as there are ranges in sex drive in the general community, there are among individuals with Down syndrome as well.Your son or daughter will have sexual feelings and crushes, want to develop meaningful connections with others, wonder if they are lovable, want to date, and perhaps even find someone to deeply love and share a life with. S., certified sexuality educator, parent, and author of the forthcoming book, Teaching Children with Down Syndrome about Their Bodies, Boundaries, and Sexuality, offers thoughtful answers to parents frequently asked questions about Down syndrome and sexuality. We are just now at a point in time in our society when we are accepting sexuality as a healthy and positive aspect of life, particularly for individuals with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities, who have experienced horrible oppression throughout history.Speak with any parent who has an older son or daughter with Down syndrome and they will tell you their child experiences the same feelings, desires and needs as other people do in the area of sexuality.

If your daughter reads at a second grade level, for example, instructional sheets need to be at that level. Most parents have good insights on teaching strategies that work for their own child.People who are not familiar with your child will expect her to behave close to her chronological age (how she looks) regardless of developmental age.If your daughter (who is 12) is hugging people indiscriminately, she is violating the rights of others and jeopardizing her own safety.Once you or your child begins to notice physical changes, its a good time to begin discussions.Some early signs of physical changes in females include breast budding, height increases, and pubic hair.

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Unfortunately in our society we tend to think about sexuality in rather limited, narrow ways.